Professional Dancer

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Cano Monroy has trained to get a unique versatility as a choreographer, he is able to create urban pieces for a reggaeton or pop group. Also, he could develop choreographies for classical and contemporary companies or performances.


Cano is a splendid artist who wants to continue being of the most recognised choreographers merging and dominating classical technique and urban styles, that allows him to create an innovative way to transmit and communicate what various brands and celebrities want in his choreographies.


Cano has appeared in some official videos of celebrities like Daddy Yankee and has been in the most important stages in Mexico and in The United States of America. He has been part of recognised ballet companies like The Cuban Classical Ballet in “The Nutcracker” performance and in the Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre performing “Carmen” Performance.

One of his most important achievements is that he was the first urban dancer invited to participated as a dancer and choreographer of the XX International Ballet Festival of Miami, getting wonderful comments of his work.

He is currently in Helsinki, Finland working on a project, "Textual Motion"as assistant director and co-choreographer, as well as teaching workshops and festivals in Finland, Poland and all around Europe.

       Choreographic work                               Stage experience

video clip The last heart beat remix by Yajna, Sweden

Textual Motion, Assistant Director, Helsinki,Finland

Urband 5 Concert in Mexico City

Samo Concert

Oda a la Danza and Fashion Show Glamour of Dance at the XX International Ballet Festival of Miami

Virginia Stille, Gala Lacma

Urbanite Fall XVII.2 Chicago Ill

La Piel que Habito- 2XS México Company Luminaria Art Festival ,

MX Flash Mob Negrito Bimbo

10 anniversary JL Dance Studio

Sábado Gigante- TV programme

Bicentenary Parade of Mexico City

Expo EBS 2014 L´Oréal

Billboards Awards Showcase Las Vegas & Mexico City

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre "Carmen Performance"

TV Azteca Show "Buscando Amor"

Yubeili´s Official Video Music "Villana"

Alex Hoyer Official Video Music "Ella"

Samo (Choreographer, Dancer)

Juan Gabriel “Eternamente Show”

Novel Los Angeles, Ca

Phlextravaganza Showcase, Los Angeles, Ca

The Carnival Showcase, Los Angeles, Ca

Laura Leon Concert, Los Angeles, Ca

Virginia Stille, Los Angeles, Ca

Annual Gala “Day of the Dead”

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

Kennis Marquis "Looking for you" video

XX International Ballet Festival of Miami “Gala of the Stars "Oda a la Danza"

XX International Ballet Festival of Miami “Fashion Show Glamour of Dance”

Daddy Yankee´s Official Video Music "Sigueme y te sigo"

Cuban Classical Ballet, “The Nutcracker Performance”

Urbanite Fall XVII.2 & XVI.2, Chicago, Ill