Cano Monroy was born in Mexico City, he began his training as a professional dancer in 2XS MEXICO Dance Company where also he could develop some choreographies of his authorship. After a successful career as a dancer and teacher in Mexico he continued his training in the United States of America.


Cano Monroy has become one of the most successful choreographers and performers in classical technique and urban styles which is reflected in his several achievements during his career.


He participated in the recognized XX International Ballet Festival of Miami with "Oda a La Danza" piece choreographed and performed by him, being the first urban dancer in the event. Also, he has been part of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami and performed “Carmen” with the Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre, a Russian ballet company located in Los Angeles, California.


As an urban dancer he has been in several live performances and videos of worldwide celebrities like Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen, Alex Hoyer, Yubeili, Samo, Laura León, Virginia Stilles, Juan Gabriel forever. Furthermore, he has danced in Phlextravaganza, Carnival Showcase of Choreographers, Billboard Latin Music Awards 2018 and in the Billboard Showcase Mexico.


Cano Monroy has given classes and workshops in Mexico, England, United States of America, Netherlands and Finland. He is currently in Helsinki, Finland working on a project, "Textual Motion"  as assistant director and

co-choreographer, as well as teaching workshops and festivals in Finland, Poland and all around Europe.

Cano Monroy

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